The Benefits of Working at Camp Tamarack

A job at a summer camp is one of the most fulfilling experiences young adults can have: teaching social, creative, physical, and living skills to children; facilitating their learning and development while fostering positive change; educating them to think about and value their surroundings; and growing themselves, both personally and professionally.

Working with people, which will provide both fun and challenge. Getting paid for your hard work and effort. Being supervised and evaluated while learning how to supervise children, which will help you in mastering your own social and working skills.

Honing your problem-solving, listening and communication skills. Helping children develop will provide you with a level of satisfaction that will stay with you for years to come. In helping campers grow and change, you will learn while doing. You will uncover communication and cooperative skills that you may never have known you had!

A five-day period of orientation and training, where staff members learn about the camp as a whole along with the particulars of their jobs and responsibilities. The staff also participates in workshops, learning how to effectively nurture and guide children, run successful programs and deal with behavioural issues. Pre-camp also serves as a time for activity staff to set up their specific areas and lay the foundation for an enjoyable and successful working relationship.

Tamarack’s older, more seasoned staff will share their knowledge with you and enable you to benefit from their experience. This learning will happen both in formal evaluations from your supervisor, and by your approaching and engaging in conversation with Tamarack experts/veterans.

Approximately half-way through camp, and once again at the end of camp, each staff will receive a formal evaluation from his/her supervisor. Verbal evaluations through the summer will occur on a regular basis both to recognize your positive efforts and help you to stay on top of your game! At the end of the summer, a final evaluation from your supervisor will be reviewed to see how you’ve improved throughout the summer.  Evaluations containing positive feedback and constructive criticism will help you become the best staff that you can be.