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Health & Safety

At Camp Tamarack, the safety of our campers and staff members is our top priority. We put qualified medical personnel, facilities, equipment and procedures into place to best ensure that campers and staff are safe and healthy.

While at camp, your child is always under the supervision of our team of warm, caring and qualified staff. Our staff undergoes extensive training prior to, and during, the camp season, with a view to preparing them to ensure that campers are challenged, excited and physically and emotionally safe. Campers are supervised as part of a close-knit group with staff still ensuring that individual needs are met. Certain staff positions also require additional certifications and training, including National Lifeguard, Standard First Aid with CPR-C, Challenges Unlimited Ropes and Climb certifications, and more.

Tamarack has a fully-equipped Health Centre on site, staffed by an amazing team of health care professionals. The team is made up of a full-time, on-site doctor, two full-time RPNs or RNs and two health care providers. The Health Centre is located in the center of camp across from the dining hall and hosts two daily clinics: one after breakfast and one after dinner.

Camper medications will be distributed before both breakfast and dinner on the dining hall porch. Should a camper require his/her medication to be taken at a different time in the day or evening, a member of the health team will have this noted and arrange with the camper and their counsellor to visit the Health Centre at a designated time to get their medication. Campers are encouraged to visit the Health Centre during clinic hours if they are feeling unwell or if they need something checked. The nearest hospital is located in Bracebridge should additional medical support be required.

The drinking water at Camp Tamarack is spring water and is both safe and delicious to drink from any tap or faucet on the campground. Campers and staff are encouraged to fill up their reusable water bottles multiple times during the day to ensure they stay hydrated. Daily runs of snacks, gatorade and water are also made by the health team to all members of camp. While each camper is expected to bring their own sunscreen, we also provide sunscreen at every activity with a view to ensure that it is applied before campers participate.

While prevention and safe practices are the best solutions to keeping camp safe, we also practice emergency procedures regularly with all members of camp to ensure each camper and staff member knows exactly what to do in the event of an emergency.