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Working at Camp Tamarack is an incredibly rewarding experience. Our staff consists of an amazing, caring, mature, personable, and fun group of people. They are committed to providing campers with a positive, well-rounded, and memorable summer experience.

We strive to create a camp environment based on mutual respect. Staff members are supervised and supported, and everyone is given the opportunity to provide input. Our goal is to help each staff member be successful and have a wonderful, memorable summer!

Each staff member has a specific role, but is involved in multiple facets of camp life, including planning activities, evening programs, trips, cabin specials, theme days, and more.

Each day, campers participate in 2 activities with their cabin-mates, 2 specialized choice periods, and 1 swim period. This balance enables campers to connect with both their fellow cabin-mates and others in their unit who have similar interests. We believe that the program truly is “the best of both worlds”.

Counsellors live in the cabin with the campers and assist them in developing their interests and maximizing their experience. They travel with their campers to cabin activity periods and are assigned to assist in different areas during camper individual choice periods. All counsellors facilitate friendships, cabin identity, bonding and mutual support, and unforgettable memories.

Activity instructors develop programs, themes and special events in their specialty areas (i.e. a land sport, water, or arts activity). Activity staff work on developing camper ability and passion in their specific area of expertise. Each activity staff person is assigned to a specific cabin to sit with for meals and help guide during evening programs and at other times. Depending on age/experience/fit, activity staff may either live with their group of campers or with a group of other activity staff members.

We believe that staff members continue to return year after year because they are treated with respect and have the kind of experience that allows them to continue to grow as people and professionals year after year.

If you enjoy working with people and are looking to gain experience that will assist you in your career and life, Camp Tamarack is the perfect place for you.

Camp Tamarack’s caring, committed and professional counselors and staff members are truly in a class of their own. The combination of “veterans” who have grown up at Tamarack, together with newer staff whose ideas and energy are contagious, makes for a high-quality, kid-focused group of leaders.

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