You and your incredible and caring staff have made this summer at Tamarack one that my son will never forget. Tamarack has made such a HUGE difference in his life. I barely recognize the shy boy so intimidated by making new friends. Seeing him at home now so content and secure, we know we made the right decision in choosing Tamarack. I know that he is going to insist that we keep our promise to send him for a full summer next year!
Janice – Parent
Tamarack came along and has made a HUGE difference in my son’s life. It introduced him to a world where he could feel “cool” and accepted for who he is. Tamarack can take credit for showing him that even he could feel like a star camper and athlete! He used to have a passing interest in sports and then after last summer at Tamarack, he suddenly became interested in sports and now a whole new world has opened up for him. It has been amazing, as a parent, to witness this change. With his new interest in sports and his already intense passion for music and dance he finally feels comfortable with who he is. You and your staff are amazing and you have all given a young boy some special memories that will help carry him through the school year.
Rob – Parent
We so appreciated your kindness and attention during our daughter’s stay at Tamarack. For us, in sending our daughter from France, it was very comfortable and reassuring. She had a great time with all of you, was really enthusiastic and wants to go back to Tamarack as soon as possible!
Anne – Parent
Just wanted to thank you and all of your staff for providing Jordyn with such a wonderful and positive camp experience. Though she was a bit apprehensive going not knowing anyone, she quickly made friends and felt comfortable and happy in the Tamarack environment. Thanks for the excellent communication and support you provided. We are incredibly impressed with everything about Tamarack!
Joanna & Jim – Parents
I loved being there and it was really fun. I loved doing all the stuff and the food was awesome. I can’t wait to come back next summer!
Jake – Camper
Our daughter loved the counsellors, the activities, the delicious food, the view, the lake, and, in particular the girls in her cabin. Thanks for all the photos and videos you posted, the parent emails, and the personal reassurance that you gave us as new parents. We are just so impressed with everything about Tamarack!
Kim – Parent
At Tamarack, you can make great memories and new friends, find new hobbies, and even realize a talent of yours. Camp will always be special to you. So go pack your bags and I’ll see you next year at camp!
Emily – 10 Year Old Camper
My husband and I want to thank you for everything – Jason was talking about the camp for almost two weeks after he got home. He was very happy at the camp. He enjoyed all the activities, and he had a very good time. He will never forget this experience!
John and Ronda – Parents
Alex got off the bus all smiles and hasn’t stopped talking about camp, the activities, and friends he made. He raved about each and every day, highlighting all the details and singing the Tamarack song. You have given him the experience of a lifetime that he will forever cherish! He’s already talking about next summer!
Debbie & Max – Parents
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for taking such good care of our boy and making his first overnight experience such a positive one! To put a smile on your face, here’s quoting our son about his Tamarack t-shirt. ‘Don’t you just love my new shirt? I’m never taking it off!’ That should sum up how he feels!
Allie & Rob – Parents