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Our Tamarack Team

No matter how great a camp’s activities and facilities are — and we are pretty proud of Camp Tamarack’s program and infrastructure — it is the people, the campers and the staff members that literally give life to a camp.

Camp Tamarack’s caring, committed and professional counselors and staff members are truly in a class of their own. The combination of “veterans” who have grown up at Tamarack, together with newer staff whose ideas and energy are contagious, makes for a high-quality, kid-focused group of leaders. Tamarack staff are thoroughly interviewed and trained to understand our desire to develop safe and fun activities and cohesive cabin groups, while always focusing on the needs and aspirations of each individual camper.

Our Director Team

Rick Howard

Rick Howard L.L.B.

Director / Owner

Rick practiced business law for over 10 years and has spent many years as the Director/Owner of Camp Tamarack, as well as being extensively involved in recreational and other programs. Rick’s organizational and business skills, sense of humour and natural ability and effectiveness in dealing with campers, staff and parents have also proven successful in his other experiences as a parent, coach and teacher. Rick has a long history of camp experience, having been a counsellor, unit head, head counsellor and camp director. Rick is also a long-time volunteer and leader in the Ontario Camping movement, a member of the Society of Camp Directors, and a Past President of the Ontario Camps Association.

Ellen Howard

Ellen Howard B.P.H.E., B.Ed.

Director / Owner

Ellen has brought her enthusiasm, creativity, leadership and love of children to the wide variety of roles she has filled during her career, including physical and health education teacher, swim professional, program director and camp director in varioust camps. Ellen’s main portfolios at Camp Tamarack are connected with waterfront, health & safety and activity programming. Ellen looks forward to continuing her volunteer work with the Ontario Camps Association as a standards visitor and co-chairing the Out Of The Cold program in her local community.

Danny Goodman

Danny Goodman


Danny is a highly respected educator in York Region and an experienced camp professional. As Tamarack’s Assistant Director in Summer 2021, and despite challenging circumstances, Danny was instrumental in making the camp season so successful for Tamarack campers, staff and families. As expected, Danny was quickly welcomed, respected and appreciated by the Tamarack community for his professionalism, empathy, intelligence, adaptability and calm nature. He is a natural leader who is seamless and excellent addition as a Tamarack Director for Summer 2022 and what we look forward to being many years to come. Danny and his wife, Erin, and sons Zach and Bradley, are long-standing and valued members of the Tamarack family.

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Respecting Tradition and
Enhancing the Experience

While we work hard to honour and maintain Tamarack’s history and traditions that have evolved since its inception in 1981, we also seek to improve and enhance the Tamarack camp experience. Ideas and suggestions from Tamarack campers, parents and staff, as well as those gained from Tamarack’s involvement in the Ontario Camps Association (OCA) and North American camping movement, are seriously considered and often implemented.

Camp Tamarack’s enthusiastic and involved directors and owners appreciate, and never take for granted the trust that Tamarack families place in us. We look forward to building and growing strong relationships with Tamarack campers, staff and families for many years to come.