Camp Tamarack activities


At Camp Tamarack, our goal is to challenge, excite and teach our campers, and to build their skills, confidence and self-esteem. We offer a wide variety of top-notch programs, using great facilities and equipment; it is, however, our activity staff teaching, coaching, motivating and encouraging our campers that truly makes the difference. Exposure to our array of land, water, arts and extreme activities and the opportunity for each camper to specialize in areas of their choice provides a truly special activity experience and include:

Boy doing archery at Camp Tamarack Boy doing archery at Camp Tamarack


Ready, aim, fire!

Tamarack’s archery and crossbow range has all the quality archery equipment campers need to practice their aim: bows, arrows and, of course, archery targets! While incorporating one-on-one instruction and group target training, our archery program consists of fun, innovative team building games, including “closest-to-the-center” competitions, target practice using water/paint balloons and more!


Campers playing baseball at Camp Tamarack Campers playing baseball at Camp Tamarack


With two baseball diamonds, including the main field complete with dugouts, a warning track, a fence and even a practice batting cage, our baseball program is ideal for campers who want to develop and enhance their offensive and defensive skills, as well as their overall baseball knowledge and strategy. The main diamond even has our beloved Duck Lake just beyond the outfield fence, allowing campers to challenge themselves to hit a “lake ball home run”!


Campers playing ball hockey at Camp Tamarack Campers playing ball hockey at Camp Tamarack

Ball Hockey

Hockey at Tamarack takes place on our two rinks — one of which is Olympic-sized — with blue and red lines, high boards and NHL-style benches! We provide campers with all of the equipment necessary to participate in our ball hockey program, including sticks, balls, goalie equipment, safety goggles and more. Campers are also encouraged to bring their own rollerblades, inline skates or skateboards.


Campers playing basketball at Camp Tamarack Campers playing basketball at Camp Tamarack


At Tamarack, our basketball program is a total slam dunk!

Under the guidance of our Mega Sports coaches, campers develop their passing, shooting, dribbling and lay-up skills during both regular activity periods, practices and even free time. As well, campers can put their skills to use during games, inter-camp competitions and tournament play. Slam-dunk contests and classic hoop shoot games like “21”, “BUMP” and “H.O.R.S.E” are a huge part of our fun and creative basketball programming, enjoyed by campers of all ages.

Our popular basketball court is outfitted with glass backboard nets as well as a perimeter fence. With additional bleacher seating, sideline benches and lights for night play, campers make the court a hub day and night!


Yoga on dock at Camp Tamarack Yoga on dock at Camp Tamarack


Physical fitness nurtures the mind, body and spirit and, simply put, makes our campers feel good!

At Tamarack, our fitness programming comes in many forms including yoga, jogging, sprinting, stretching, jumping rope and more! Campers will enjoy participating in various fitness activities during both regularly scheduled programming and free time.


Campers playing football at Camp Tamarack Campers playing football at Camp Tamarack


Are you a fierce football fanatic? Or even just a beginner interested in developing your skills? The Tamarack football program is perfect for you!

Our football field is outfitted with bleacher seating, sidelines and end zones, and is designed for practice or game play. Throughout the program, campers will develop their offensive and defensive skills, while gaining an understanding of the rules of the game under the guidance of our trained Mega Sports coaches.

What’s more, the TNFL (Tamarack National Football League) is one of Tamarack’s most popular intramural leagues and includes a skills combine, a draft, team practices, jerseys, flags and regular season and playoff games.


Camp Tamarack golf course Camp Tamarack golf course


With such great facilities and top quality equipment, the Tamarack golf program is more than on par!

Our unique golf program has an impressive 300-yard driving range as well as a maintained pitching and putting area, ideal for campers of all ages and skill levels. All clubs and balls are provided to campers learning to hit their irons, woods and putters, while practicing club selection, proper form, reading greens and more. As well as hitting the green during scheduled activity time, Tamarack campers have the opportunity to participate in competitions for achieving the longest drive, the longest putt and getting closest to the pin.

With so much to do, it’s no wonder our campers keep coming back “fore” more!


Campers doing gymnastics at Camp Tamarack Campers doing gymnastics at Camp Tamarack


Located in the heart of our campgrounds, Tamarack’s outdoor gymnastics facility consists of a box horse, uneven bars, a mini trampoline, parallel bars and so much more! Our trained Bodyworks staff members help our campers to learn the basics of the sport and develop their skills in a fun and safe environment.

No matter your age, size or skill level, come on down to our designated gymnastics space and learn to jump, swing, tumble and twirl!


Camper building a fire at Camp Tamarack Camper building a fire at Camp Tamarack

Outdoor Rec

The Tamarack outdoor recreation program introduces campers to all of the best outdoor activities, including learning to build and cook over a fire, navigating their way using a compass, building a tent, and catching fish and frogs in a safe, humane way.

Each cabin will also get to enjoy a mini tripping excursion, sleeping in a tent at our overnight campsite with their counsellors and cabinmates in what is a truly remarkable camping and cabin bonding experience!

Camper and staff doing martial arts at Camp Tamarack Camper and staff doing martial arts at Camp Tamarack

Martial Arts

At Tamarack, we believe martial arts is an important activity for campers to feel empowered and build important life skills, all while being a great and fun form of exercise!

Tamarack has an entire indoor facility dedicated to the art of self-defence, complete with mats, punching/kicking bags, blockers and more. As a part of our excellent martial arts program, campers learn about the importance of concentration, persistence, discipline, safety and respect, all in a safe and controlled environment.

Campers playing soccer at Camp Tamarack Campers playing soccer at Camp Tamarack


If you’re an aspiring soccer star, you’re sure to get a kick out of our top-notch soccer program!

Tamarack’s outdoor soccer field is outfitted with regulation-sized nets and is ideal for practicing, skill development and/or game play. The spacious bleacher seating that lines the field enables campers and staff to comfortably spectate, sitting close to the action and cheering on the players! Campers develop shooting, passing and dribbling techniques, all while learning strategy and important life skills like sportsmanship, teamwork and communication. For campers who want to put their skills to the test, Tamarack also hosts several intercamp opportunities throughout the summer!


Campers playing tennis at Camp Tamarack Campers playing tennis at Camp Tamarack


The grounds of Camp Tamarack boasts not one, not two, but NINE compact tennis courts to serve as the location of our wildly-popular tennis program. Campers learn to hit shots including forehands, backhands, volleys and serves with proper form and technique, all while developing important life skills such as self-confidence, patience, sportsmanship and more.

Popular tennis games like King’s Court, tournament play and Tamarack’s well-known 24-hour ‘Tennis Marathon’ further enhance our tennis program and make it a favourite among campers. Our tennis courts also serve as the location for another popular Tamarack pastime: dodgeball!


Camper playing tetherball at Camp Tamarack Camper playing tetherball at Camp Tamarack


Tamarack’s classic tetherball courts are located down at the beach and are the perfect way for campers to enjoy their free time. These courts are definitely a hit!

Campers on trampoline at Camp Tamarack Campers on trampoline at Camp Tamarack


Down at the trampoline, we like to go against gravity and reach for the sky!

Our regulation outdoor trampoline plays host to one-on-one lessons, dual bum wars, specialty jumps and so much more! Campers and staff alike use the trampoline for scheduled activity time as well as free time to develop their trampolining skills, learn new tricks and have fun with their friends.

Safety is the number one priority of our trampoline program. When using the trampoline, campers are always fully staffed by trained Bodyworks staff and are made aware of all the trampoline rules and safety instructions.

Camper playing volleyball at Camp Tamarack Camper playing volleyball at Camp Tamarack


As a part of our popular volleyball program, campers develop their serving, volleying, bumping and spiking skills, all while learning how to keep score and effectively rotate court positions. Campers at Tamarack love to take advantage of our two grass volleyball courts as well as our awesome beach volleyball court, whether it’s during rest hour, a scheduled period or an intercamp competition.

Campers canoeing on lake at Camp Tamarack Campers canoeing on lake at Camp Tamarack


Different strokes for different folks — down at Canoe, there’s something for everyone!

Tamarack’s fleet of canoes, as well as our collection of paddles and life jackets, allows for the full participation of all campers. No matter your age, shape, size or skill level, our team of trained Paddle staff are there to show you the way! 

Campers will develop a wide range of canoeing skills by working on strokes like the J-stroke, the pry and the T-rescue, as well as learning how to effectively stern the boat and navigate all weather types. Exploring Duck Lake and canoeing to our overnight site also allow campers to have fun and put their new skills to the test!


Camper flyboarding on lake at Camp Tamarack Camper flyboarding on lake at Camp Tamarack


At Tamarack, we want our campers to literally soar!

Experience the feeling of floating on and above the water with our ultimate flyboarding program. Our state-of-the-art flyboard is like a wakeboard in the sky, propelling campers above the water with a jetpack powered by a Seadoo. 

Flyboarding is an awesome specialty activity offered to campers 13 and older (who meet the minimum weight required). Lift off, fly and take to the sky!

Child canoeing on the lake Child canoeing on the lake


With our fleet of quality kayaks, state-of-the-art paddles and life jackets, Tamarack campers of all ages and skill levels are fully equipped to partake in the great sport of kayaking. Beginners are taught paddling and steering techniques, while more advanced kayakers can be seen completing incredible Eskimo rolls, solo self-rescues and more.

With our trained Paddle staff team and our private access to beautiful Duck Lake, Tamarack makes sure that our campers ka-yack about this popular program!

Campers sailing on lake at Camp Tamarack Camper sailing on lake at Camp Tamarack


With a variety of sailboats, Tamarack’s sailing program allows eager sailors to take to the lake!

At sailing, campers learn to steer, rig and de-rig boats, name the parts of the boat, navigate weather patterns and, of course, steer clear of the boom. Whether our campers are new to the sport of sailing or have previous nautical experience, and under the leadership of our expert sail staff, our wide range of sailing levels and opportunities both on and off the water ensure there is something for everyone.

Swimming lifeguards at Camp Tamarack Swimming lifeguards at Camp Tamarack


With outstanding and qualified swim instructors and individualized instruction, Tamarack’s swim program is one of the best in Ontario. Tamarack offers a swim school calibre program with both Red Cross, Lifesaving and Aquatic leadership certifications. First Aid is an integral part of the program. The program also offers a fitness component incorporating endurance and strength training using the water.

Whether your child is a beginner or advanced swimmer, our wide range of swimming levels and swim program activities allows campers of all ages and skill levels to develop proper technique, build and enhance their swim skills, learn about water safety and have fun!

Since safety is of course our number one priority, we provide staff and campers with life jackets, rescue tubes, spinal boards and all other necessary rescue/lifesaving equipment, all while enforcing strict guarding/emergency rules and procedures. Our beautiful, calm and private Duck Lake means that the environment for swimming lessons is ideal and safe from dangerous boat traffic.

With flutter boards, noodles, snorkeling gear and water basketball nets, we also provide a ton of playtime equipment for campers to have fun down at the water!


Tubing Tubing


There’s no wonder why tubing is one of Tamarack’s all-time camper-favourite water sports! 

Tubing involves being towed on a bouncy inner tube behind one of our water ski boats and is the ultimate test of strength, balance and grip. Campers of all ages feel the thrill of trying to hang on while they zip along Duck Lake at high speeds. With quality boats and tubing equipment and a team of trained ski/tubing staff, campers can enjoy big splashes and big fun in a safe, supervised environment.

Camper wakeboarding on lake at Camp Tamarack Camper wakeboarding on lake at Camp Tamarack


With a professional, state-of-the-art wakeboarding boat with both short and long rope capabilities, a beginner training boom and a collection of wakeboards and wetsuits, our wakeboarding facilities are unrivalled. Campers can use our Tamarack trampoline to practice big-air jumps and to learn proper technique for flips and rotations before taking their skills to the water. Once they’re ready, our team of trained wakeboarding staff teach them to strap in, stand up and ride the wake in style.

Camper water skiing on lake at Camp Tamarack

Water Skiing

What’s a watersports program without water skiing? Luckily, at Camp Tamarack, you won’t ever have to find out!

With two professional water ski boats, a professional water ski course, a beginner training boom with both short and long rope capabilities and a range of water skis, wetsuits and barefoot suits, our water skiing facilities, together with our professional ski staff, make the program a camper favourite. Campers will learn to strap in, stand up and ride the waves in style with either two skis, one ski or no skis.


Water trampolines on lake at Camp Tamarack Water trampolines on lake at Camp Tamarack


There’s nothing like enjoying our beautiful Duck Lake while bouncing around on the water trampoline.

Whether they’re trying out new, creative jumps for the first time or practicing old favourite moves, Tamarack campers of all ages jump at the chance to participate! It’s no wonder campers keep coming back for more fun and games on the tramp!

As well, as a part of our water activity program, we also offer a collection of fun inflatable toys, beach games like Gaga, Tetherball and so much more!


Boy doing ropes course at Camp Tamarack Boy doing ropes course at Camp Tamarack


Get into the swing of things with the Tamarack ropes course program!

Down at Ropes, campers can explore our numerous ropes initiatives including the flying squirrel, tension tires, the vertical challenge and so much more! Experience birds-eye views from the treetops when you explore our high ropes courses that test your strength, balance and bravery. For additional fun, check out the various low ropes courses that help to develop hand-eye coordination, concentration, strategy and team building.

All campers are provided with the safety equipment necessary including harnesses, helmets and more, all of which are checked regularly. As well, our Ropes staff members undergo specialty safety training prior to the start of the camp season.


Campers mountain biking at Camp Tamarack Campers mountain biking at Camp Tamarack

Mountain Biking

Learn to enjoy the ride with Tamarack’s wheelie great mountain biking program!

With over 3 kms of biking trails on our large campsite, our biking program is a truly unique outdoor experience! Explore the entirety of our campgrounds when you zip through these scenic routes and learn to ride with confidence. Whether our campers are total beginners or bicycle buffs, these awesome trails, along with our top quality equipment and trained biking staff, make every excursion a safe and exciting adventure. Tamarack boasts a large collection of Trek and Gary Fisher bikes as well as protective helmets and safety equipment to fit all shapes and sizes. 

The mountain biking program also includes some opportunities for special bike trips to neighbouring Half-Way Lake and visits to other Ontario biking trails.


Camper rock climbing at Camp Tamarack Camper rock climbing at Camp Tamarack


It’s no wonder why campers love to hang out at the climbing wall: it rocks!

Tamarack has an awesome 40 foot rock climbing wall with six different climbing routes that range in degree of difficulty from beginner to advanced. Under the supervision and guidance of our trained Climb staff, campers learn to challenge themselves, to make strategic decisions and to maintain focus and concentration. A large platform awaits at the top of the large climbing wall where campers can gather together and enjoy a celebratory snack or lunch with an awesome bird’s-eye view. Rock climbing is definitely a way to reach new heights at Tamarack!

All climbing harnesses, helmets and other safety equipment are provided to the campers and are checked regularly. As well, our team of Climb activity leaders undergo intensive specialty training prior to the start of the camp season.


Camper at ceramics at Camp Tamarack Camper at ceramics at Camp Tamarack


Camp is the place to seize the clay! At Tamarack, we introduce campers to a wide range of craft projects that they may not have had the chance to try before — including pottery!

In our ceramics program, campers learn to mold and sculpt cups, bowls, plates, animals, shapes and basically anything else their hearts desire! Our ceramics studio has everything campers will need to create their masterpieces including sculpting clay, an assortment of clay moulds, a whole rainbow of ceramic glazes and several state-of-the-art pottery wheels. Campers can let their creative sides flourish while learning to use the wheels effectively and perform proper molding and decorating techniques.


Campers cooking at Camp Tamarack Campers cooking at Camp Tamarack


Calling all aspiring chefs willing to stir things up and whisk it all — Tamarack is one of the few camps out there that offers a designated cooking program for campers who want to learn their way around the kitchen.

Our state-of-the-art cooking studio is fully equipped with everything our budding chefs need, including a stove, oven, refrigerator, freezer, countless cooking utensils and all the salt, sugar and ingredients they will need for their culinary creations! Campers will explore the art of cooking and learn to create new delicacies in a safe, hands-on environment under the supervision of our Cooking staff. All camper recipes are showcased on a big whiteboard, with typical menu items including cookies, brownies, sushi, muffins, pizza and so much more.

In addition to a regular exciting cooking program, fun Iron Chef and other competitions enhance the culinary opportunities. The Tamarack cooking program is definitely a recipe for a good time!


Camper doing tie dye at Camp Tamarack Camper doing tie dye at Camp Tamarack


Draw, paint, bead, stitch and build — with Tamarack’s awesome creative arts facility, you can do it all.

For campers who want to get crafty, we offer a full range of art activities including watercolor painting, bracelet making, nature sketching, knitting, papier-mâché creation and more. With opportunities to design theatre backdrops for our plays and create plaques/decorations for our special programs, there are so many ways for our young artists to develop their talents and let their creativity shine! Campers can work on session-long art projects or simply drop-by during free time to make a quick craft.


Campers dancing at Camp Tamarack Campers dancing at Camp Tamarack


If you’re into hip-hop, jazz or ballet, or you simply love to move to the beat, the Tamarack dance program is the perfect place for campers to dust off their dancing shoes!

Our dance program has its own facility — equipped many dance related materials. Whether during scheduled periods, theatre performances, talent shows, dance shows, all-day programs or camp socials, there is no shortage of opportunities for campers to dance their hearts out at Tamarack.

Each summer, campers from Tamarack also have the opportunity to compete in a ‘Dance Inter-Camp’ where we are often the reigning and defending champions!


Camper doing multimedia activities at Camp Tamarack Camper doing multimedia activities at Camp Tamarack


Lights, camera, action!

Whether our campers are interested in acting, directing, filming or photography, the Tamarack video program is a great way to introduce campers to the world of film and show them what it means to be both on screen and behind the scenes. Down at Video, campers learn about the different movie genres, the art of film editing and even how to write, record and produce their own skits.


Each month, the whole camp gathers together for a video show, and at the end of the summer our multi-media staff put on a final banquet slideshow of camper photography. As well, Tamarack hosts its own official summer video release at a movie theatre in the fall where campers get to see themselves on the big screen!

Camper playing guitar at Camp Tamarack Camper playing guitar at Camp Tamarack


At Tamarack, we believe that music makes the world go ‘round!

Along with the spontaneous camper sing songs that break out across camp, music is incorporated into Tamarack’s radio, theatre and evening programs. Throughout the summer, campers participate in unit cheers and sing songs to learn about pitch, tone, enunciation and harmony, all while having fun and learning classic camp songs and even writing their own original music.

Tamarack provides campers with a wide collection of musical instruments including guitars, ukuleles and more! As well, campers are encouraged to bring their own to develop their skills, play leisurely and even perform during free time, talent shows and special programs. Campers will even get opportunities to practice their DJ skills and learn about the art of mixing and producing music.

Rock on!


Theatre at Camp Tamarack Theatre at Camp Tamarack


You can be anyone you want to be once you step onto the Tamarack stage!

Our performing arts program is overseen by our hired professionals and is hosted in our theatre, the Lakeside Theatre! Our gorgeous, state-of-the-art facility is equipped with top-notch lighting and sound systems and plays host to theatre games, musical performances and play practices throughout the summer. 

Down at Theatre, a staff of music coaches, drama specialists, choreographers and theatre professionals assist campers in developing their theatre knowledge and honing their talents. Each unit will put on a Broadway musical during the summer, which have in the past included ‘Grease’, ‘High School Musical’, ‘Mamma Mia’, ‘Hairspray’ and more! Along with the unit play, there are many other ‘camp shows’ to get involved in, including lip-synching competitions, talent shows, music shows, dance shows and more. Let the show begin!