Other Important Information

    Our camp office contains a computer for staff to use to check their e-mail, select school courses, or use the internet. This computer is accessible during rest hour and after your campers’ curfew at night. We also supply ‘rocket sticks’ for staff to use who have brought their own lap tops to camp. ‘Rocket sticks’ must be signed out in the office and returned immediately after use. They should only be used during rest hour, after camper curfew or for the purpose of researching, planning for a camp program.
    You may bring visitors into camp only at the start or end of your day off and the office must be notified in advance. You can then take them on a short tour of the camp. Any guests arriving before the commencement of your day off must wait for you in our staff parking lot.Any visitors on the Camp property must be signed in and out at the camp office. They are expected to follow the Camp Tamarack policies, including those related to smoking, cell phone/blackberry use, and appropriate behaviour.
    The Camp Health Center has a doctor, a nurse, and a health care provider on duty at all times. If you are sick, you would be brought into the Health Centre and may even have to remain for a day or two. If it is important for you to remain for a third day, it is a typical practice to not take your “day off” during that particular week, since an unfair burden would be placed on your fellow staff.The Health Centre will provide normal medications for sickness, emergency, etc., excluding prescription drugs. If you take a certain medication on a regular basis, you bear the responsibility for maintaining your own supply.
    We value our staff’s efforts and will send out staff laundry (along with the campers’) once a week for FREE. Of course, staff members are welcome to do their own laundry on days off should they choose to do so. We recommend that for camp, staff not bring their nicest, most expensive clothes, but rather pack attire that they don’t mind getting sweaty or dirty!
    Salary is payable at the end of the camp season. At the discretion of the camp, one salary advance may be allowed part-way throughout the summer. Any mandatory deductions due to Government Regulations, where applicable, will be deducted from your total salary.Salary cheques will be given out on the last day of camp after your cabin and the camp as a whole have been deemed spotless and cleared by one of our head staff.We feel that staff recreation/snack is an important part of creating the staff community and forming the staff culture. Therefore, there will ZERO FEE deducted from each staff’s paycheque relating to staff recreation.
    The Directors reserve the right to terminate the employment of any staff member at any time if, in their opinion, it is in the best interest of the Camp and/or Campers. Full details pertaining to this matter will be included in the employment agreement which will be signed by each Staff Member hired by Camp Tamarack.
  • Judaism at Camp Tamarack

Camp Tamarack has long-standing tradition as a Jewish camp dating back to its first summer in 1981.  Through community building, programming and weekly traditions, campers and staff learn about their rich culture and history.

Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Tutor

For campers preparing for their Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs we provide tutoring throughout the summer to help them learn and understand their Torah and Haftorah portions.   Campers are encouraged to practice at least every other day.

Friday Night Service – Shabbat

Each Friday night campers are invited to participate in a traditional service prior to the meal. This service includes prayers over bread, grape juice and candles.

We also ask that all campers wear a clean white shirt to dinner on Friday evening.  The meal is a traditional Shabbat meal which includes challah (egg bread), chicken soup and chicken.

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