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Camp Tamarack’s program is designed to provide campers with unforgettable opportunities and exposure to an incredible array of sports, arts, waterfront and other special programs and activities. Our experienced and professional staff members not only facilitate the development of each camper’s skills, but, equally importantly, create a fun, challenging and supportive environment that builds self-confidence and enjoyment.

Cabin Opportunities & Individual Choice

Camp Tamarack’s unique program provides a healthy balance of cabin opportunities and individual choice. Cabin activities enable the campers and counsellors from a particular group to enjoy one another’s company and build their cabin group identity, while getting exposure to a wide variety of Tamarack activities. Tamarack’s unique individual choice opportunities allow campers to enjoy an in-depth focus in specific activities that interest them with other campers their age.

Hawthorn, Juniper and Sequoia Campers (6-14)

Hawthorn (ages 6-10), Juniper (ages 11-12) and Sequoia (ages 13-14) campers, on a daily basis from Monday to Saturday, experience and enjoy:
• One Zodiac Swim School-Calibre Swim Instruction Period
• Two Cabin Group Activity Periods
• Two Individual Choice/Specialty Periods

NEW 7, 11 and 14-day introductory sessions and 3, 4 or 7-week sessions are available.

Click here to find out about additional opportunities for 7-14 year olds

Elder Campers (Ages 15-16)

Elder campers are in an exciting transition phase working towards the opportunity to become Camp Tamarack staff. In addition to their involvement in Camp Tamarack’s array of activities, Elder campers gain invaluable experience through various leadership training sessions and opportunities, as follows:

Pre-CITs (15 Year Olds):

Pre-CIT campers finishing Grade 9 and turning 15 in the year in question enjoy a blend of group and individual choice opportunities, as well as leadership training and placements. While most Pre-CITs enjoy and benefit from the Full Season 7-week period, our First Session (July) is an option for Pre-CITs. The Monday to Saturday Pre-CIT program highlights include:
• One Zodiac Swim School-Calibre Swim Instruction Period
• One Individual Choice/Specialty Period (on certain days)
• Majority of Day in Cabin/Activity Placement
• Other Leadership Workshops, Training and Feedback
• 3 Day/2 Night Rafting Trip is another highlight included for Full Season Pre-CIT’s which take place for Elders during Second Session (available at an extra cost for Pre-CIT’s attending Extended First session)

Any Pre-CIT enrolled for the Extended First session is eligible to go on the 2 night/3 day whitewater rafting trip.  This trip is a highlight for the Elder unit and is a big reason campers extend. The trip fee is included for campers staying FULL season. If an Extended First camper wishes to attend the rafting trip, a $400 rafting fee will be applied to cover the cost of the trip.

CITs (16 Year Olds):

CIT campers finishing Grade 10 and turning 16 in the year in question (priority going to those who have successfully completed Tamarack’s Pre-CIT program), are primarily focused on developing and refining the skills necessary to become top-notch Tamarack staff.   All CITs enjoy and benefit from the Full Season 7-week period. While having the chance to participate in a variety of Tamarack activities from Monday to Saturday, CITs choose a full-day placement with a cabin or activity. They also receive a daily Zodiac Swim School-calibre opportunity, as well as extensive leadership training, workshops and feedback from evaluations. The popular 3 day/2 night rafting trip and other group bonding opportunities give CITs a well-rounded experience and “foot in the door” for a highly sought after Tamarack staff position. (priority goes to Elders who have successfully completed both Full summer Pre-CIT and CIT programs).

Zodiac Swim School-Calibre Swim Program

All campers will receive a daily swim instruction period, based on an appropriate Red Cross or Lifesaving Society program level, or another exciting aquatic opportunity. Camp Tamarack’s direct connection with Zodiac Swim School results in a special emphasis on the quality and ratio of swim lessons, the training of waterfront staff, and the overall safety and supervision of such activities and areas, that is unique in the camping industry.

Super Sundays

“Super Sunday” is a popular tradition at Camp Tamarack which encompasses a sleep-in, buffet breakfast and open activities. Campers enjoy a relaxed, fun-filled day of their favourite activities and an opportunity to “chill” with friends.

Evening Programs

The fun and excitement at Camp Tamarack continue in the evening with creative and enjoyable cabin, unit and camp-wide programs. Games, challenges, socials and camp plays/shows are just some of the amazing programs on the agenda! The evening is topped off with a nightly snack.

Special Programs, Theme Days, and Camp Spirit

Special theme days and programs only serve to enhance Camp Tamarack’s multi-faceted, popular program. A terrific blend of fun, fair competition and team-building are all part of the Tamarack World Games, All-Day programs, Carnival Day, Swim and Tennis Marathons, theme days, and other special programs. Cheering, singsongs, campfires and overall camp spirit are integral parts of what is special about Tamarack.

Special Guests

While amazing staff and programs provide Tamarack’s heart and soul, well-known sports figures, entertainers and other special guests have been known to unexpectedly add a new twist to a Tamarack day for campers and staff. Past special guests have included:

Nazem Kadri – A top player for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Nazem has visited Tamarack and even slept over! He put on a great skills clinic for our campers, provided hilarious interviews, helped coach our campers and staff, and displayed his skills for the camp during an extremely entertaining break-away competition. All Tamarack campers received a signed picture of Nazem (in a Tamarack t-shirt!) Tamarack wishes Nazem continued success in his NHL career!

Alyssa Reid – Alyssa is a Canadian singer-songwriter who rose to fame following the release of her single ‘Alone Again’. Since then, Alyssa has released widely popular albums and music videos while being nominated for a Juno and two different MuchMusic Video Awards. Alyssa did a performance for campers and staff at Tamarack in addition to providing music tips and advice to our campers!

Scott Jackson – The number 1 beat boxer in North America who is one of Tamarack’s biggest fans! Scott’s ability to sing, while producing a beat with his throat, is truly incredible. You may have even seen Scott without knowing it as he often performs outside of the Air Canada Centre before Toronto Raptors home games!

Baldini – A truly gifted magician, illusionist and performer, Baldini has wowed Tamarack campers and staff with his performance.

Derek Aucoin – Derek is a Former Major League Baseball Player having played for the Montreal Expos. He is a strategic visionary, prevailing leader, and powerful motivator with over two decades of experience inspiring and training baseball players. Derek has dazzled campers at Tamarack with his clinics and energetic personality. Derek is the founder of “Game Ready Baseball” and is a recognized catalyst for his critically acclaimed curriculums, grassroots programs, and training methodologies. He has directly impacted the lives of tens of thousands of children all across Canada, America, Asia and Europe. He’s designed and coordinated sports camps and clinics for many Hall of Fame players, future Hall of Fame players, and some of the biggest brands in North America! Tamarack is thrilled to call Derek Aucoin a friend.

Trips and Excursions

Cabin and/or unit trips and excursions include overnights at the end of Tamarack’s beautiful Duck Lake and other safe and supervised out-of-camp opportunities.

Free Time

Balanced alongside Tamarack’s varied and organized program experiences is a chance for each camper to enjoy some individual, unstructured time. While counsellors help guide campers, particularly the youngest ones, before and after most meals, campers can visit their favourite activities, enjoy a recreational swim, write a letter, hang out with their friends or even take a shower!

Camp Leagues and Inter-Camps

Fun and exciting in-camp leagues at Tamarack such as the TBL (Tamarack Baseball League), TNFL (Tamarack National Football League), and THBL (Tamarack Handball League), and intercamp competitions involving other camps are popular Tamarack traditions.

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