Keeping on T-rack…

Easy Registration/Great Value!

Tamarack’s incredibly reasonable fees, discount opportunities and payment structure, for a top-notch program and experience, are unparalleled in the Ontario camp industry. Unlike many other Ontario camps, our fees are also all-inclusive, with no hidden additional charges for baggage, transportation, laundry, tuck, etc.

Health & Safety

• Fully qualified doctor, registered nurse and health care provider
• All staff trained in emergency first aid care and anaphylaxis response and a number are certified in Standard First Aid and CPR-C
• AED (Automatic External Defibrillation) on site
• In addition to regular, careful supervision, staff are assigned extra duties during both day and night
• Staff walkie talkies for effective communication
• Staff and campers are trained to act quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency/situation
• If your camper(s) require medication, allergy injections, pills or special equipment, such items must be labeled and will be administered by the Camp’s medical personnel
• Campers should come equipped with appropriate sunscreen, hats, bug repellant, etc.
• Fresh water fountains located around camp
• Fully equipped health centre, first aid kits around camp and access to local Bracebridge hospital 8 minutes away

Food Service, Dietary Issues, Allergies

• We value feedback and strive constantly to improve the variety, quality, and kid-friendliness of our professionally catered food service
• We offer several alternatives including a breakfast bar, salad bars at lunch and dinner, and an additional soup bar also at dinner.
• We work diligently to accommodate people who are vegetarian, have food allergies, are kosher e.g. kosher meat alternatives, gluten free or have other dietary restrictions
• Tamarack is committed to maintaining a PEANUT/NUT RESTRICTED ENVIRONMENT
• Families cannot send nuts, nut products or products labeled “may contain nuts”

Before Camp Starts

The Camper/Parent Guide with specific details regarding required clothing and supplies, bussing, baggage, policies, visitors’ day and related issues, together with certain forms to be completed, will be sent to each family in the spring.

Facility/Equipment Upgrades

Each year, we buy new equipment and supplies for our great programs. We also build/renovate facilities to enhance the Tamarack experience.

Visitors’ Day

Tamarack’s popular Visitors’ Day enables family members and friends to enjoy each camper’s fun, success and accomplishments at Tamarack while meeting their child(ren)’s counsellors. Visitors’ Day is on Saturday July 24th 2021. Specific timing and other detailed information will be available on our website and in the Camper/Parent Guide.

Tuck Shop & Snacks

  • Each camper will have the opportunity twice per week to order a treat (chocolate or granola bar, chips, fruit snacks, etc.) as part of the camp fee.
  •  We are pleased to continue our TUCK SHOP, additional treats and healthy snack alternatives, as well as certain other sundries.  Each family will be asked to deposit a suggested amount of “Tuck Credit”, and campers will have designated opportunities to make these purchases against the tuck credit. Unused tuck credit will be refunded after the summer.
  •  Each camper and staff member on a daily basis receives a mid-afternoon snack (fruit, frozen snack, etc.) and an evening snack, aside from other special snacks

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