• Canoeing
  • Flyboarding
  • Kayaking
  • Pontoon Boating
  • Sailing/Widsurfing
  • Swimming
  • Tubing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Water Skiing
  • Water Trampoline



  • Tamarack’s large fleet of canoes, paddles and life jackets enables full participation by campers of all shapes and sizes
  • J-stroke, the pry, t-rescues and learning to stern are only some of the life skills campers pick up down at canoe
  • Exploring the lake with friends and canoeing to our overnight site let campers have fun while putting their new skills to use!
  • Down at canoe, there’s something for everyone…different strokes for different folks!



  • Flyboarding is an awesome state-of-the-art specialty offered to Sequoia and Elder (at certain times) campers
  • Literally is like wakeboarding, while being propelled a few feet of the water by a jet pack powered by a Seadoo!



  • With a huge collection of kayaks, paddles and life jackets at Tamarack, campers are fully equipped to partake in the great sport of kayaking
  • Beginners are taught paddling and steering techniques, while more advanced kayakers can be seen completing incredible Eskimo rolls!

Pontoon Boating


  • Campers bond on a boat cruise while exploring our beautiful private lake
  • The pontoon boat is also the coolest form of transportation to and from our wakeboarding activity!



  • A variety of sailboats, including two boats purchased within the last two years and more to come!
  • Campers learn to rig and de-rig boats, steer, and, of course, stay clear of the boom
  • With over 20 windsurf boards and countless boogie boards, there is no shortage of wind sport activities at Tamarack



    • Our beautiful private lake means that our waters remain at a comfortable temperature and are calm for swimming
    • Our swim program is run by Zodiac Swim School, one of the leading swim schools in Canada, which has provided thousands of students with low-ratio, high-quality lessons since 1978
    • With outstanding teachers and individualized instruction, Tamarack’s swim program is one of the best in Ontario
    • Safety is our number one priority and life jackets, rescue tubes, spinal boards and other rescue/life saving equipment, as well as strict guarding/emergency procedures, are always part of the great swim experience
    • With flutter boards, noodles, snorkeling gear and water basketball nets, there is a ton of equipment to have fun with down at the water



  • Doubles tubing behind one of our ski boats is certainly a camper favourite!



  • Professional wakeboarding boat
  • Boom (for beginners) with both short and long rope capabilities
  • Full range of wakeboards and wetsuits
  • Trampoline for practicing big-air and proper technique on flips and rotations
  • Opportunity for advanced campers to show off their skills during our Ski/Wake-Stock event!

Water Skiing


  • 2 professional water ski boats
    New professional ski course!
  • Boom (for beginners) with both short and long rope capabilities
  • Full range of water skis and wetsuits, including brand new barefooting suits!
  • Opportunity for advanced campers to show off their skills during our Ski/Wake-Stock event!

Water Trampoline


  • There’s nothing like enjoying our beautiful lake while bouncing around on our water trampoline
  • Attempting and experiencing new and creative jumps while using our catapult, which enables optimal air-time, keeps campers coming back for more fun and games on the tramp!

Also enjoy our new “rocker” activity and other inflatables at the Beach.

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