• Archery
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Fitness
  • Football
  • Gaga
  • Golf
  • Gymnastics
  • Hockey
  • Outdoor Rec
  • Self-Defence
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Tetherball
  • Trampoline
  • Volleyball



  • Tamarack’s archery and cross-bow range consists of everything campers need to practice their aim: bows, arrows, and, of course, targets!
  • Closest to the centre competitions and popping water/paint balloons are only a few of the fun programs campers enjoy at archery





  • 2 baseball diamonds, including the ‘Tamarack Stadium’, completely outfitted with dugouts, a warning track and fence – if you hit it deep enough over the fence it may even make it to the lake!
  • Facility includes batting cage to practice hitting techniques
  • Campers will develop their throwing, catching and fielding skills
  • Intra-mural leagues and inter-camp opportunities





  • Our court was recently re-painted with highly visible free throw, foul, and side lines, is outfitted with glass-backboard nets and complete with a newly installed perimeter fence
  • Bleachers, benches and lights (for night play!) make the basketball court a hub night and day
  • Passing, shooting, dribbling and lay-up skills are developed during regular activity periods and practices
  • Campers get to put their skills to use during games, inter-camp competitions and tournament play
  • Slam-dunk contests and classic fun games such as “21”, “BUMP” and “H.O.R.S.E” are part of the creative and fun programming at basketball





  • Physical fitness nurtures the mind, body and spirit and simply put: makes you feel good!
  • At Tamarack, fitness comes in many forms including yoga, jogging, sprinting, stretching, skip rope and more!
  • Campers enjoy participating in fitness during regularly scheduled periods and free time





  • Large field perfect for practicing or game play, and outfitted with bleachers, sidelines and end zones
  • Campers will develop throwing and catching skills, while gaining an understanding of the rules of the game
  • The TNFL (Tamarack National Football League) is one of Tamarack’s most popular intra-mural leagues and includes a skills combine, draft, team practices, jerseys, flags, regular season and playoffs
  • The TNFL is overseen by the well-known TFFL (Toronto Flag Football League)





  • Down at the beach, Tamarack has a facility specifically designated to gaga
  • With gaga, campers must hit a soft rubber ball with their forearms aiming for it to make contact with a fellow camper below the waist
  • Great, particularly for younger campers, as gaga teaches hand-eye coordination, strategy and even tests memory (when hitting the ball, you must remember to say ‘GAGA!’





  • 300 yard golf driving range
  • Pitching and putting area
  • All clubs and balls are provided to campers who learn to hit their irons, woods and putter, while practicing club selection, proper form, reading greens and more
  • Longest drive, closest to the pin, and longest putt contests are part of the excitement that keeps campers coming back





  • Jumping, tumbling, and swinging all happen down at gym!
  • Located in the heart of camp, Tamarack’s gymnastics facility consists of a box horse, uneven bars, mini-tramp, parallel bars and more!





  • Hockey at Tamarack takes place on our 2 rinks, one of which is Olympic-sized, with fully-painted blue and red lines, high boards, and NHL-style benches!
  • We provide campers with all the equipment needed to participate in ball hockey (i.e. sticks, balls, goalie equipment and safety goggles)
  • Campers are encouraged to bring their rollerblades/inline skates/skateboards to use on our rinks as well



Outdoor Rec


  • Campers learn how to build a fire, use a compass, fish, and even catch frogs
  • Cooking over a fire (anything from ‘smores’ to hot dogs) is a particularly well-loved part of our outdoor rec program
  • Each cabin will also get to enjoy an experience at our overnight site sleeping in a tent for the night and bonding with cabin-mates





  • Tamarack has an entire indoor facility dedicated to self-defence complete with mats, punching/kicking bags, blockers and more
  • At self-d, campers learn about concentration, persistence, and respect in a safe and controlled environment





  • Large soccer field outfitted with nets and perfect for practicing or game play
  • Side line bleachers enable campers and staff spectators to comfortably sit close to the action and cheer on players!
  • Campers develop shooting, passing and dribbling skills, while learning fun and important skills such as corner kicks and ‘headers’
  • Soccer inter-camp opportunities


  • Nine compact tennis courts (with lights for night play!) serve as the location of Tamarack’s popular tennis program
  • Campers learn forehand, backhand, volley and serve techniques
  • Games like King’s Court, tournament play, and Tamarack’s well-known 24-hour ‘Tennis Marathon’ further enhance Tamarack’s tennis program
  • Our tennis courts also serve as the location for another popular Tamarack pastime: dodge ball!





  • Tamarack’s two tetherball courts are located down at the beach
  • A perfect leisure activity for campers to enjoy at the beach or during down time





  • Bum wars, specialty jumps, reach for the stars and more make the tramp a fun activity each time!
  • Safety is always the top priority at tramp





  • Tamarack is equipped with 2 grass volleyball courts and a beach volleyball court
  • Campers develop serving, volleying, bumping and spiking skills, while learning how to keep score and rotate positions.
  • Campers at Tamarack love volleyball whether during rest hour, a scheduled period, or an inter-camp competition



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