Our Director Team


Rick practiced business law for over 10 years and has spent many years as the Director/Owner of Camp Tamarack, Zodiac Day Camp and Zodiac Swim School. Rick’s organizational and business skills, sense of humour and natural ability and effectiveness in dealing with campers, staff and parents have also proven successful in his other experiences as a parent, coach and teacher. Rick has a long history of overnight camp experience, having been a counsellor, unit head, head counsellor and camp director. Rick is also a long-time volunteer and leader in the Ontario Camping movement, a member of the Society of Camp Directors, and a Past President of the Ontario Camps Association.


Ellen has consistently loved her roles as Director/Owner of Camp Tamarack, Zodiac Swim School and Zodiac Day Camp. In addition, she has brought her enthusiasm, creativity, leadership and love of children (including 3 of her own) to a wide variety of other roles, including physical and health education teacher, swim director and camp program director, much of her past experience having been at overnight camp. Ellen is a volunteer with the Lifesaving Society, a member of Parks and Recreation Ontario and the Society of Camp Directors, and is a standards visitor and active member of the Ontario Camps Association.


Marc has literally grown up and is part of the fabric at Camp Tamarack. As a long-time camper, counsellor, unit head and, since 2001, Camp Director, Marc has seen the impressive evolution of Camp Tamarack. Marc, together with his wife, Carly, and son, Jack, are excited about being part of Tamarack’s present and future. Marc’s creativity, people skills, and love of life are apparent both at Tamarack and in the general camping world. He has done extensive volunteer work with the Ontario Camps Association, including the Health Care Committee and Conference Steering Committee and is a member of the Society of Camp Directors.

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