Why Tamarack Fits Your Camper to a “T”…

page_whyt1The Beautiful 1000 Acre Camp Property Containing a Pristine Private Lake in the Heart of Muskoka

Traditions, Spirit, Loyalty and Reputation Developed Since 1981

The Welcoming Environment That Awaits New Campers and Tamarack “Veterans”

page_whyt2The Caring, Professional and Well-Trained Staff

The State-of-the-Art Program Facilities and Equipment

The Priority on Ensuring the Safety, Health & Well-Being of the Tamarack Community

The Range and Quality of Sports, Arts, Waterfront and Other Special Programs Enjoyed by Campers

page_whyt3The Focus on Making an Incredible Camp Experience Even Better Every Summer

Teaching Each Camper Responsibility, Independence, Confidence, Respect, Social Skills and Perseverance

The Amazing Experiences, Memories and Friendships That Last a Lifetime…….


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