Week 4 in Review

Dear Tamarack Families,

It was a great final week of first month and the beginning of second month has been equally as amazing! Here is your Week 4 recap:

The week began with a bang on Monday as the Magen Boys arrived. They put on an incredible dance party social in the theatre.

At this social, an extra cool element included a screen that they put up which showed the music video for each song being played! Our campers danced their hearts out and many walked away with souvenir t-shirts.

Tuesday’s highlight was without a doubt the Sequoia Play. After many rehearsals and lots of practice, the Sequoias put on a fantastic show Tuesday night. Danny, Sandy and the gang were on fire as they sang Grease classics including ‘Summer Loving’’, ‘Grease Lightning’ and more! The sets and costumes were out of this world and there was electricity in the air. What was most impressive was the number of campers who participated as actors, set designers, and/or backstage coordinators. A job well done!

As the Tamarack tradition goes, when it’s your birthday, you get to spin the world famous ‘birthday wheel’. Possible prizes include tuck for the cabin, a pizza party, sleep-in, ice cream party, and a movie night in the directors’ cabin! Tuesday night, several cabins enjoyed birthday specials that they had earned throughout the month. All of the cabins who received their prizes were very appreciative and had an awesome time.

Wednesday morning involved our first month campers packing up. Later, they got to enjoy some of their favourite activities one last time. In the afternoon, the Sequoias went on their unit trip into town for a movie and snack. Also, in the afternoon, first month campers took their Bronze Med and Bronze Cross exams.

Wednesday evening was action-packed. The festivities began at 5:30 with our annual first month banquet. Each activity gave out various awards to campers who frequently attended their areas, participated, and improved their skills. Our kitchen crew prepared a delicious turkey dinner, which was thoroughly enjoyed. Our multi-media team put together a great slide show, which displayed amazing pictures from throughout the month.

Later in the evening, the camp returned to the dining hall for the first month video show. The show was a mix of program montages and hilarious skits. Many of the video segments have been posted online at:https://vimeo.com/camptamarack/videos . All video clips can be seen on the Tamarack website as well.

In addition, on Wednesday night, each unit did a final send-off program. The Hawthorns ‘dug up’ the buried treasure that they had been searching for throughout the month. The treasure was something much better than gold or riches…candy! They shared it together and enjoyed time bonding before bed. The Junipers did a special unit social in the dining hall, which they loved. The Sequoias engaged in a ‘stick dedication’ ceremony. The inclement weather (basically for the first time all month!) forced them inside, but this was no concern for the Sequoias who shared highlights and memories from the month. The Elders had a special late curfew and celebrated their efforts from first session.

Thursday morning was the final breakfast of first month. It concluded with the singing of the camp song, which was emotional for many to say the least. Afterwards, the camp gathered outside to say a final farewell to our first month campers. Hugs were aplenty and e-mails and phone numbers were exchanged. One camper had even pre-printed personalized business cards with his contact information on them and distributed them to friends by the buses. We thought this was both cute and genius…perhaps the start of a new trend?!

As our first month campers left, our new second session friends arrived. They were warmly welcomed and spent the morning unpacking, getting settled in, and getting to know one another. Mixer games and other bonding activities were organized by the staff. In the afternoon, swim tests and routine health checks occurred, followed by fun cabin activities, which kept everyone busy later in the afternoon. Group identities are already forming and we’ve seen all the signs for a successful second month ahead. We have now spoken to almost all parents of first-time campers new to Tamarack this session. For those who we have not yet chatted with, we look forward to connecting to share the amazing progress of your camper(s).

In the next few days, we will also be in touch with the families of all Acorn 2 (July 26 – August 3rd) campers to discuss the desire of many to extend their stays at Tamarack. Please remember that Second Month campers have a great new ‘Super Choice’ option where they can specialize in a completely new type of activity, including Canoe Trip/Outdoor Rec, Horseback Riding, and Tamarack’s Got Talent.

We will continue to keep you updated with our weekly newsletters. For even more frequent updates, we encourage you to follow us on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/camptamarackcanada.

Until Next Time,

Rick, Ellen, Marc, Josh, Wendy & The Tamarack Team

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